Striving to build connections so that thriving Yavapai Communities are enhanced, strengthened, and sustained
Copyright 2010 Yavapai Community Collaboration - a sustainable community project
1.Careful Planning and Preparation
2.Inclusion and Demographic Diversity
3.Collaboration and Shared Purpose
4.Openness and Learning
5.Transparency and Trust
6.Impact and Action
7.Sustained Engagement and Participatory Culture
8.Commitment to Civil Dialogue

Our Core Values
1. Arts/Culture/Recreation
2. Community/Civic Capacity
3. Economy
4. Education
5. Environment
6. Faith
7.  Families & Youth
8.  Health
9.  Housing
10. Physical Infrastructure
11.Public Safety
Topical Teams
Mary Beals-Luedtka
Susan Barrington
Tricia Berlowe
Al Carter
Sean Clendaniel
Lori Deutsch
Maggie Garvey
Harvey Grady
Mike Johnsen
Marcia Jacobson
Tracey McConnell
Natalia McKendry

Adminstrative Team
Fritzi Mevis
Bob Moore
Ed Naylor
Nannette Oatley
Casey Osborne
LaBeth Pondish
Marsha Rand
Ginni Trask
Michael Whiting
Carla Woody
Robert Zieve, MD

To all our volunteers:

As many of you know, we have had many changes occur and we are
hoping to be reorganized and back on track to make viable changes
in our communities. We ask for your patience and support.

Click Here for the 2010 Draft Strategic Plan
For the Significant Change Guide - Click Here

For a copy of the YCC Journal of Significant Change - Click Here
For the Yavapai County Info & Referral Resource List (preliminary) Click Here
Notes from the last meeting can be accessed Here
A Comprehensive Development Initiative
Develop and support collaborative partnership opportunities that vitalize our communities
Thriving Yavapai Communities are enhanced, strengthened, and sustained
Current Topics and
Meeting Agenda